Guess When We Update?

Monday's and Thursdays! Awesome!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I honestly can't think of anything to share with you... JUST KIDDING! WE HIT 1000! Just outstanding! I could take each of you and personally shake your hands, or paws, or fins, or whatever, I'm so overjoyed! Now, if you all can push us to 1500 by Friday -a lofty goal to be sure- I believe we can work out an arrangement where the 1500th viewer will receive a SPECIAL GIFT (AS YET DETERMINED). So, this means that from now on if you're stopping by to read you MUST LEAVE A COMMENT so we can determine what number you all are... or at least close enough. And remember: you can re-view the page as often as you like (so, the more you click, the higher the number goes) and you could be the winner! So get to it, folks! Have fun!

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