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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know, I know, it's a few days early but since we don't normally run a comic on the weekend (especially one where I have major plans to woo and awe my lovely and stunning wife) I figured I'd do it today. Also, since tomorrow is a special day in and of itself, well, there ya go. Now the story behind this is simple: Over at one of the most amazing web comics ever (Girls With Slingshots: see link on the left plane), Danielle Corsetto has offered up her toon hottie, Jamie, for a day-long date. So, being the artist I am, I drew this pic up right quick and sent it to her. Hoping beyond hope that my toon self wins, just for the exposure of our strip, I figured I'd post the submission so you can see how it looks while Danielle leafs through her piles and piles of e-mails. Hope along with me, won't you? And no: my toon self is as completely not unfaithful as it's human counterpart... me, it's just for a larf. Also, my wife, Amy, looks a bit like Jamie only with blond hair yet the same, *ahem* assets. So, there ya go. Hope ya like it and Happy Valentines Day! Show some love to your sweeties!

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