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Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay, to make it simple here it is in a nutshell (yes, that was a pun). We are having a name the squirrel contest. See, for you observant types out there you may have noticed that he has no name. Now you, the readers, must give us your best suggestions here in the comments portion of the blog. I will pick three winners; Firest prize which is what we will call the squirrel for all time from here on outm and two runners up.
What will the prizes be? You'll find out after you win. Think I'm giving it up that easy, grumble, grumble, why I oughta!
So, the contest runs until next Friday. Good luck and have fun.
One last caveat. If, for some reason, we get zero suggestions or everyone of the names given just suck on ice, the contest is null and void and we will be keeping the aforementioned prizes. Just throwing that out there.

I leave you with this;

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