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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello, my name is Doug and I am addicted to.....oops! Wrong meeting. Heh, my mistake. Anyway, I'll bet that three of you are uber excited as to how the contest for naming the squirrel is going. Let me be the first to say that they are going. I have already picked the winning name, sort of. The whole contest has given me an idea in where to take the strip from here. Even Stew doesn't know so, don't bother him asking for details. Of course he will know on Friday when I hand in more scripts, but even then you should just wait and see. All I can reveal is that there will be multiple winners because of this little idea of mine.

I leave you with a trailer for what may be the most politically incorrect flick coming down the pipe. I can not wait. (insert giggle of glee here)

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