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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, this isn't exactly the first issue where I went off the script, but it is the first one where I didn't even have something written at all. I sort of went completely off the cuff here as well as not precisely knowing what I wanted to say until the strip was scanned, laid out, and speech balloons were added. It was fun and slightly cathartic. Anyway, hope ya like it. See ya tomorrow with an all new story line...


PS- A big THANKS BUDDY goes out to my pal, Neil Bryer who illustrates and writes the side-splitting WOMBAT (see his link down on the left) for posting up a piece of art I did for him a while back. It's in his 'Guest Art' section. Follow the aforementioned link, you'll find it. Thanks again, Neil! You RAWK!
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