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Thursday, May 14, 2009


So as our trilogy of Garage Sale comics draws to a close, it seems that the very real G.S. was a bit of a yawner. Even for a Thursday. We live basically smack in the midle of our street, so it stood to reason to post a sale sign at either end, as well as one at either end of the main road that feeds to ours. I, however, failed to take into consideration the speed of traffic as compared to the level/size of the signs. I, being a dipstick of a guy, assumed they were fine and people would figure it out, though I often subscribe to the opinion that the general populous of or town is incredibly stupid. Well, my wife confirmed said obviousness by informing me that, A) the signs are too small, and B) the signs are too high on the poles. I kinda saw this coming especially while we were purchasing said pre-made signs and just wondering if they were going to fill our criteria. Long story short, the $11.50 we made today went to the buying of new, bigger signs. What goes around comes around. Also I'm right more often than people assume. Go me. See ya Monday!


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