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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That's right fans! We are doing our first tome of swimming upstream stuff and here's how the cover looks.

Anyway, you get the entire storyline including the now famous Neil Bryer strip that started it all. The book will be printed on heavy duty stock, in full color and comb bound for the unique DIY feel.
Now for your purchasing options;
There is the just the book option which is ten bucks out the door including postage. For that you get...well, the book.
Then there is the deluxe package which is the book with signatures from both creative geniuses and (insert drumroll here) a sketch by STEW! There will also be assorted other goodies lying in wait in the envelope, but those are a surprise.
This delightful package is only twenty five bones.
For now we need to do this via PayPal at
We look forward to being swamped with orders.
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