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Friday, January 23, 2009


With the exception of a quick comment in a previous post, I have remained pretty quiet on this site. I hope everyone is enjoying what I write and Stew draws. Of course it's much more collaborative than that, but it works. Coming up on our second week and the fact that we are getting over two hundred hits a week tells me that we must be doing something right. It's scary trying something new, but I think that this is something that will be around for a long while.
I have heard that webcomics can hit the 33rd strip and then die for a number of reasons. I don't see that happening to us.
Thanks to everyone who reads the strip, a special thanks to our single follower (Hi Holger!) and keep coming back Monday through Friday for some serious fun.
Who knows? Maybe I can talk Stew into a color Sunday comic sometime in the near future.
Did you hear that?
That was the sound of an artist screaming, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I kill me.
Oh and the reason I didn't just post this with the comic is that apparently, if Stew uploads it I can't add on to any of the posts. Just in case you were wondering.
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