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Monday, January 26, 2009


No, the strip isn't going color and probaboly won't. For a while. For a long while. There! Enough waffling. Anyway, Stew-Man did his color magic on the banner above and it looks far out and groovy. I did want our erstwhile readers to know that the big red beard that I sport is not too far from the truth. I also want to thank all the people digging the comic as we almost have 500 hits and we are just on week three beginning today. Soon it will be t-shirts and strip collections and magic ponys. Well, okay, not magic ponys. At least not for a while. Okay, a long while. I have got to stop doing that!
Anyway, thanks to all, keep reading and keep an eye out for magic ponys. (I'm kidding. You hope.)
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