Guess When We Update?

Monday's and Thursdays! Awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, even though I had a little time to redesign the comic strip yesterday, I jut decided to wait for the remainder of the week. It seems I'm really enjoying making these little one-shots and I think the traffic we're piling up -nearly enough to get really close to our Friday Midnight goal of 2000, by the way- is a testament to viva la difference! Now, onto the comic's theme: My wife and I are getting tattoos today and her's is going on the top of her ass. Now, this is her first so she's ready, but obviously not too sure what to expect, unlike myself who has several tat's of his own. Mine's going on my arm. I'll probably post pictures next week when they've healed. Anyway, that's the funny. Enjoy!
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